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Fantaisie de Désuétude


This play is a question. That is, certainly, the feeling it provokes from its first lines and images. What is our fundament, to what certainties may we hold fast? Consider the characters. There are three: Orlo, Simon and Lilith. Orlo has lived thoroughly and, through his mischief, turns the others towards their existence. Simon seeks his tangled literary path, stuck within his quietude, his habits of smoke and drink. Lilith is pure movement. She emerges to transform the others, their bodies mired while their spirits thrive. Fantaisie de Désuétude is their story, their press to escape confinement. Who can say what might happen? Who can predict the alchemy of atoms?

Text and AD by V. Hovanisian

With Marie-Claire Marcotte, Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin, Said Ben

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