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Art is an oracular path, from which all things are drawn and along which human questions can be explored. And all the work — of process and creation – is a journey of searching and building along the way. All together.

Vik Hovanisian is an Armenian, French and Canadian multidisciplinary artist who works in several languages.

From Paris, France, Vik is active as a performing artist, writing, acting, directing and producing original works that cross borders and look to the future. She is a graduate of the Conservatoire supérieure d’art dramatique of Paris and has also completed studies in law and international relations. She has a corporeal approach to the theatre, the sacred space of questioning par excellence. Music is foundational to her creative process and structures much of her work. Her areas of focus include classical and contemporary repertoires, the theatre of the absurd, poetry and automatic writing, improv creation, classical and traditional dances and singing.

Her film credits include Une Histoire de Fou (Agat Films/Canal+), Jeanne Devère (France 3). Her theater credits include Suites en Ré Mineur (H.Ilin), In Sundry Languages (TLT), 24H de Création Clandestine (Nouvelle Scène, Ottawa), One Night (Aluna/Caminos), and 1000 Things in a Virus’ Dream (Fringe Toronto/OtherHeArts). After her first written theatrical work in Canada entered pre-production in 2022 in Toronto, she continued developing her projects during residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts and then the National School of Theatre of Canada in 2023-24. 

Raised in many cultures and languages through her migrations, Vik is a multifaceted artist whose work is focused on avant-garde and contemporary forms, engaging with all linguistic communities and multi-art forms to build progressive and durable visions for a truly multiple and multipolar society, including leading youth outreach and training workshops. Settled in Montreal, she is invested in several artistic projects in the city, which focus on bridge-building between artists and their communities and supporting diversity and inclusion.

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